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SMBG AD has been founded in 2010, and is awarded public procurement for waste disposal of five of the largest districts in Metropolitan Municipality the very same year. We offer a wide range of services, such as waste management services for the municipalities, industrial, commercial and corporate sectors, as well as for households. The company object of activity is providing services on the collection of municipal waste, biodegradable waste, transportation of large waste, overall cleaning of residential settlements, including washing, sweeping and maintenance of streets and squares, winter cleaning and maintenance of roads and sidewalks, snow removal.

SMBG AD has built its reputation as one of the largest waste management companies in Bulgaria, and based on its experience, the company team is building its own know-how in the organization of waste collection and waste disposal systems.

SMBG AD is successful in implementing and applying quality management systems, environmental and manpower systems, certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Furthermore, it has developed its own automated control and optimization systems and system for improving all of the services provided by the company.  More information.

SMBG AD has positive references and recommendations from the biggest municipalities in Bulgaria, and until now it the company has not allowed any breaches in performance of its agreements.

SMBG AD is the member of the largest and most prestigious employer organization – CEIB /Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria/.

SMBG AD is managed by highly-qualified management team, which is managing more than 1000 employees. In order to provide 24-hour good quality performance of the services, the company has more than 250 specialized motor vehicles with environmental norm Euro 5 and Euro 6, fully equipped stations, repair workshops for equipment and vessels, and large availability of the overall range of waste vessels.

SMBG AD is operating in the areas of Metropolitan Municipality – Mladost district, Triaditsa district and Southern Arc, as well as the regions of Varna Municipality – Odessos and Primorski, which also includes one of the largest Bulgarian tourist resorts – Golden Sands, St. St. Konstantin and Elena, etc. The company has successfully completed agreements with the Metropolitan Municipality regions – Lyulin, Vitosha and Ovcha Kupel, Pernik Municipality, Karnobat Municipality, et al.

SMBG AD is providing services on the collection and transportation of waste, cleaning and winter maintenance of the urban districts with total surface area exceeding 250 km2, with total population exceeding 800 000 people.

SMBG AD is a reputable and reliable partner in the building and commissioning of waste management systems. The company is entirely at the disposal of citizens in order to receive feedback and improve the quality of the services we offer.

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